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Shinhwa Junjin's agency has responded to rumors saying he's been dating a non-celebrity, 8 months his junior for 7 months.

SEE ALSO: Shinhwa hang out at home in fun new teaser for their 'Twenty Fan Party - All Your Dreams'On June 24, Daydream Entertainment stated, "We're for sure confirming that the rumors in 'Womens Sense' magazine are absolutely false.

Eric was known to be best fighter during his younger days from old generation batch.He also performed on stage."The agency further stated they plan to take legal action against the magazine and other media outlets for defamation of character.well it's not like he hasn't publicized his relationships was true it would most likely be confirmed...anyway the defamation of character part could be referring to other stuff written in the magazine n not just the dating?On the 13 Mar episode of KBS 2TV talkshow ‘Win Win’, Shinhwa members made candid confessions about having work done on their faces before.When the members were asked if they are naturally good-looking, only Eric, Lee Minwoo and Andy replied in the affirmative.

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