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preferring to focus her attention on her band, The Pretty Reckless.

Raina came into the picture as Chuck's business adversary, and all that tension quickly led to a not-so-hostile takeover (wink, wink).

She went from an impressionable minion to the Queen Bee of Constance, but it wasn't built to last; after GG reveals that Jenny slept with Chuck, she's slut-shamed and banished to somewhere upstate (past the Bronx, even, we think).

Jenny most encapsulated the crushing humiliation, joy and, well, more crushing humiliation of being a teenager, finally harnessing her ambition and talent into a clothing line (which is much cooler than a headband).

Oh, and it turned out Dorota also had one of the best secrets (on a show filled with big-stakes secrets) when it was revealed that she was a Polish princess who defected to America against her family's wishes. Now: Zuzanna (who has an acting MFA from Harvard) has since appeared on hot shows like , Leighton's real-life husband Adam Brody said that Zuzanna is still one of Leighton's best friends. Other than that, Zuzanna has been maintaining an excellent Instagram account, which mostly features her adorable rescue dog, Cindy.

pulled out more than once, Georgina was the first character to appear as a mysterious stranger — pretending to be the clueless new girl in town.

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