Scott porter dating

He is none other than the very good looking and very charming Scot Porter.

He was born in the year 1979 on 14th of July and this makes his age 36 at this time.

I'd love to see George evolve and grow, but it's tough to do with a character who has already left Bluebell and come back home. There's Bluebellapalooza [in which Porter will sing] and there's a Halloween episode, which we didn't get to shoot last year. There's a lot of pride in this town, they turn everything into an event.

I'm not sure if you can find that anywhere else on television.

The future of Hart Of Dixie is still up in the air, but an online petition to save the show has given fans some hope for season 5. News has launched its annual Save One Show campaign, which places TV series in jeopardy of being cancelled against each other. Hart Of Dixie has made its way into the finals along with ABC drama Agent Carter.ā€ Katharine Mc Phee has always been a hot commodity in Hollywood, but Scott is coming off a little desperate if you ask us.A Hollywood insider dished to Star Magazine, ā€œScott was mesmerized by Katharine the second he laid eyes on her.After spending the entire night partying in Vegas, he worked up the courage to ask her for her number.Her phone has been ringing every other day ever since. ā€ So, does Katharine Mc Phee plan on going out with Scott Eastwood, or is she just stringing the actor along?

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