Updating maps on garming c340

The following example describes how to copy the file in Linux: file(s) on your GPS unit's SD card (if it has one).(At least on one Nuvi 1490 maps installed on the device's Garmin folder did not show up in the "map info" view.The proprietary JNX format of the Birdseye view on the other hand allows for maps with up to 50000 tiles on 5 zoom levels.The JNX format has been re-engineered and there are multiple tools to create JNX Raster Maps that can be used after applying a firmware patch.Installing using sendmap: If your GPS doesn't support USB mass storage mode you may have to use or other proprietary software to transfer it to the device.

Click the model family name below to confirm that Easy GPS supports your Garmin GPS, fitness watch, fishfinder, or chartplotter: Garmin nüvi, Garmin Drive, Garmin e Trex, Garmin Colorado, Garmin Dakota, Garmin GPSMAP, Garmin echo MAP, Garmin Edge, Garmin Forerunner, Garmin Montana, Garmin Oregon, and Garmin Rino.

See the dedicated page on topographic maps for garmin devices.

Installing direct to your GPS: The easiest way to install a map on your Garmin device is to put it in USB mass storage mode and copy the .

OSM maps should work on all Garmin devices which support uploading maps.

These include the Colorado, e Trex Legend, e Trex Vista, e Trex Summit, e Trex Venture, GPSMAP, Nüvi, Zūmo, Oregon, Quest and Streetpilot ranges.

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