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But they just laughed and I'm sure it probably made them uncomfortable to bring up the whole topic again so we didn't pay that much attention to it.

So I don’t think that any of us thought that it was going to be such a big debate and I don’t think any of us wanted it to be."Nathan: "I think it was more of a chemistry thing."I definitely would never say that I would never do it, though.

Nathan: "It's weird, I was thinking about it this morning, what it would be like for us to do a reunion episode.

A follow-up soundtrack, titledwas released January 24, 2012. Nathan: "I greddie it was kind of trippy thinking about how the freddoe had expanded to something else and we were being talked about in the context of another cast.

It would really come down to an outrageously good script."And also one that does not constantly verbally and physically abuse him." OUCH, Sam.

As a Seddie shipper, my heart is breaking, but as a rational human being, I know Nathan's talking straighup facts.

Cannon said the couple was trying to remain amicable and focus on their children over the holidays.

Benson fly away to Japan to attend the i Web Awards show.

Sure, the pair of Nickelodeon pals meeting up at Disneyland might strike you as somewhat blasphemous, but once you see all the pics of them strolling around the park having fun in their cute Micky Mouse ear hats, you'll automatically give them a pass.

Then Sam and Freddie had this arc of three or four episodes.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are officially divorcing. 12, according to TMZ, which first reported the story Friday, noting that Carey had been working on a property settlement for the couple in advance of her husband making the first step in court.

The singer and the host were both spotted without their wedding rings in August, and a source told PEOPLE the pair had been living apart for months.

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