Are shane and danielle from bb14 dating

With just two more episodes to watch, the commentary I’m recording for Big Brother 14 will be released this week!

There will be a few more blog posts (I can’t promise they will be serious ones) about Big Brother 14 leading up to the launch.

It was a great move for Dan, because Jenn was in no real danger of going home this week, so he gets to repay her and look like a good guy without really having an effect on the game. Frank and Jenn are falling for it all, hook, line and sinker.

They have spent most of the week so far sitting around, patting themselves on the back and plotting their final 4 deal with either Dan/Dani or Dani/Shane. So Frank is probably in for quite the rude awakening on Thursday when his butt goes home by a vote of 3-1.

Opposed to freaking out then and there and reassuring him he wasn’t getting evicted, I did my best to play it off and not put Frank into full panic mode (because I was after slipping! This conversation led to an immediate Diary Room session for the both of us and I could tell it became an instant story line.

Sometimes slip-ups matter big time in this game, lucky for me, it didn’t really cost me anything except a day of paranoia.

This one was pretty obvious, but after I saw Episode 28, I was a little shocked. If I had a little more foresight in the moment, I wouldn’t have to lose sleep every night over missing this golden(eyes) opportunity for a comedy segment.

It’s a quick, easy, and fun read filled with a behind the scenes look at the Big Brother casting process.

I’ve already been getting a few requests about getting the book signed (I posted about this yesterday on Facebook and Twitter) and I am more than happy to do so for those of you who buy the book.

I can honestly say I have never played the “what-if” game when reflecting back on the season.

For the sake of my sanity, and because I truly feel there is nothing I could have done different to affect the final outcome, I have been able to watch this season and enjoy it without any feelings of regret.

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