Danni is not dating simon one year dating anniversary gifts for her

The article in the Daily Mail states pair had an affair when she was judge on with the charismatic Simon.

Both were single at the time, he had just broken up with long term girlfriend Teri Seymour.

Knowing hubby, he only read the headlines and he would have assumed that the affair is recent.

Media are mean to try to imply that the affair is the reason for the break up. Contrary to wishful thinking – on my part (mostly) but perhaps shared by regulars here – my absence over the last couple of months cannot be put down to weeks of mastering the Tantra with the “Queen of the Money Shot*”, that super-scrumptious pocket-rocket, the lovely Ajay Rochester**. I’ve just busy awaiting the true start of the reality TV season – the return of the triple chin hiding cravat. For Dannii to stay on the show she had to sleep with the boss.

Danni is Cheryl Stark's daughter and suffered from diabetes.

She emotionally blackmails Luke into starting a new life with her; this along with Darren's wild behaviour against Mal, Lou and Karl makes Brett decide to leave.

The character of Danni was created in 1993 as part of a new family; the Starks.

She joined already established characters, brother Darren Stark (Todd Mac Donald) and mother Cheryl Stark (Caroline Gillmer).

After being a part of the Neighbours cast for almost a year, Szonert said "I'm really getting into it now, but I hated seeing myself on screen at first and the long hours and routine took a lot of getting used to." Danni's condition becomes a problem when she and Malcolm Kennedy (Benjamin Mc Nair) go on holiday.

A flood finds them stranded without food or water causing her blood sugar levels to drop.

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