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I am searching for someone who will keep me in my place and punish me when I forget it.

I love to read stories that really give "indepth" and close range pictures and perspectives of people.

When i ride him, he slaps my *** and yells in my face that i'm nothing but his bad girl.

I recently saw a post about how a member of EP wasn't a submissive and never would be.

This journey, if you decide to take it, will transport you down a dark path to all things D/s.

Many aspects regarding Dominance and submission found online are not intended for a healthy married relationship.

I know I did wrong, I knew when I did it that it was wrong.

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You can add me for more updates if you want :) A lot of people had been asking me whether my stepfather was...

Don't get me wrong -- I like to suck ****, and I can't really think of a bad way, at least not for me.

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