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It is fortunate that I enjoy solving mysteries and making “discoveries” else I would have given up many years ago.

In recent years, genealogical research has undergone much change.

The pleasure of discovering and interviewing elderly Bittinger people and taking notes on our conversations is still fresh in my mind after nearly seventy years.

The earliest Bittinger marriage discovered was in Gutenwill a few kilometers east of Zurich, Switzerland where Elias Bittinger and Barbel Lybengut lived.

(Barbell was born September 7, 1581.) This is where we begin the present essay.

This datum suggests the unconfirmed possibility that some of the Buttners may have moved eastward from Bulgaria or that from which our branch of the family had descended several centuries earlier. These sources enabled the writer to discover the truly ancient origins of the early Bittinger family.

The family lines such as the Boger, Bouser, Dotterer, Frantz, Fike, Foust, Engelhart, Hoch, Livengood, Ludwick, Philippi, Merkel, Roudolph, Schäffer, and Schneider will be discussed later in this document.

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