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I chased Sean Ward the length of the pitch and gave away a penalty. The speculation is difficult because you are so close to getting what you want, then nothing happens and you think, 'What do I need to do? I went on more trials at Middlesbrough and Stoke and I didn't enjoy it.

I was left sitting at the training ground for four hours before getting a lift back to my digs and I just didn't feel wanted. I'm glad to do an interview like this because it will give an insight into what really happened.

But not everything Aunt Alberta tells her turns out to be true and Stella quickly discovers she’s in for the fight of her life against her very own Awful Auntie!

From the award-winning producers of The Birmingham Stage Company’s Gangsta Granny is truly brilliant, so I’m hugely excited that they’re now bringing Awful Auntie to the stage.

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Deals weren't done when Peterborough were interested and I remember playing Linfield on Sky and four or five scouts were watching me.I wasn't far off that but I just had nowhere to live for the first two or three months, moving to different hotels and carrying two suitcases after training.The club put me in an ex-player's flat and it was disgusting. I went to Newbridge after that for a year and really enjoyed it. I played for a local team called Windsor Youth based in the Village in Sandy Row.

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  1. Oct 20, 2017. Rebecca Palmer, from Swindon, Wiltshire, has been jailed for five years for falsely claiming she had been raped by a soldier after he had 'rejected her'.… continue reading »

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